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Brew Alternative Installs ( Intel mac )

November 21, 2020


  • homebrewのinstall先にカスタムして /opt/homebrew をintel macで使うことができなくなっていそう

homebrew install path

However do yourself a favour and install to /usr/local on macOS Intel, /opt/homebrew on macOS ARM, and /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew on Linux. Some things may not build when installed elsewhere. One of the reasons Homebrew just works relative to the competition is because we recommend installing here. Pick another prefix at your peril!

  • もともとinstall /user/local 配下にインストールが推奨されていたが適切な場所ではないと判断し /opt/homebew へinstallを変更していた
  • 今回 ARM 版Macの誕生により/opt/homebew 配下へのinstallが推奨され、 Intel Macで /opt/homebew 配下にbrewを配置している場合動かなくなっていそう
Error: Cannot install in Homebrew on Intel processor in ARM default prefix (/opt/homebrew)!



Written by Keisuke Kan who lives and works in Japan building useful things. You should follow him on Twitter